So… What’s New?

A whole hell of a lot, that’s what. It’s been about three or so years since I’ve actually done anything over in these parts and I’m done so much growing up since then that I hardly recognize myself.


  1. I moved: I’m no longer lookin’ for love in Nashville. I found love in Chicago
  2. I’m engaged: See? I found love. And it’s awesome.
  3. I got my dream job. I got laid off. I got another job. That company closed. Then got my current Dream Job. I’ve been at this one for a little over a year and it enables me to do some amazing things. I really am Livin’ The Dream.
  4. I got myself right financially. This one I didn’t talk about much back then, but I was really fucked up financially and the stress of it was affecting me and my mental health. I’m not trying to be all bragadocious about it, but  I’m pretty freakin’ proud of getting myself out of debt and on a great track to being financially stable and happy. It’s an enormous weight off my shoulders. There was no better feeling than writing that very last car payment, lemmetellya.


So that, in a nutshell, is what has happened.


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