Hello? Anyone Here?

Oh! Hi!

Yeah, this feels a little weird to me too, don’t worry… it’s not just you. I found the keys to this place rattling around in the junk drawer and I thought to myself, “Grace, you should go on over there and clean out the cobwebs. You really liked that place.”

So here I am. I’m not just cleaning out the cobwebs, though. I’m getting rid of all the old furniture, slapping a fresh coat of paint on the walls and hanging up some new art. After all, I had a fresh, new wonderful start in my Real Life, so why shouldn’t Graceless In Love?

I like this place. But it holds a lot of memories that are both good and bad. I’m not particularly proud of some of the things that went on here, but I’m willing to burn some sage and smudge the shit out of this place.

And so, Graceless in Love isn’t going to look like it used to. I put all the old stuff, the old me, in storage and I’m starting over. But, as always, I’m not going to promise to be elegant or lady-like… I’m just going to be me. But me with a little bit more awareness of what I do and how my actions affect those around me.

A boss of mine once said in a meeting, “If you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it out loud in an interview on ‘Sixty Minutes,’ then don’t write it down.” I’m living by those words.

You might be asking why, then, I even unlocked this place and opened the door. That’s a very good question, my friend. I did so because I have things to say… things that people might care about, a lot of things that people might not care about. Funny things. Introspective things. Observations and musings. And since the internet allows us to have these little, tiny corners that we can decorate all we want and fill with what we’d like, then I’m taking advantage of that.

If you don’t like this house, then please, just turn and go quietly. Nobody benefits from you being here, and really, what good does it do anyone? But if you are willing to be my friend, then come on in. Sit down. I’ll make you a drink and let’s talk. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

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3 Responses to Hello? Anyone Here?

  1. newscoma says:

    Glad you are back. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    OMG!!! YAY! Glad to have you back again!

  3. graceless24 says:

    Thanks ladies! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Glad to see ya here too 🙂

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